ITDC – Introduction To Defensive Carbine is a proven course for anyone to develop defensive shooting skills with the use of a carbine for personal defense.

Course Details:

  • Nomenclature of carbine components – We will review its operation during re-assembly and discuss Care and Maintenance.

  • We will go over Shooting Fundamentals and how they apply to the Carbine.

  • Using the Body’s Natural Reaction during a critical incident, we’ll be using the Carbine in the context of Self Defense.

  • Four Points of Contact.

  • Seated and Kneeling Positions.

  • Zero-ing your sights.

  • We will Drill for Skill using various shooting drills and techniques helping to make the shooter more proficient.

  • We will discuss Combat Accuracy vs. Target Shooting.

  • Multiple Target Engagement for Close Quarter to Mid-Range shooting.

  • Course Debrief.


What You Will Need

Bring your AK. AR or other Carbine.

Single or Two-Point Sling

Three 20 – 30 round magazines

250 – 300 rounds of ammunition

Eye and Ear Protection (We recommend In-Ear Hearing Pro)

Your Cleaning Kit

Drinks to keep you hydrated