ITDH – Introduction To Defensive Handgun is a proven course for anyone wanting to learn the core concepts of Defensive Shooting and raise their level of skill in using a Pistol for Self Defense.

Course Details.

  • Develop Safety as a skill.
  • Considerations for choosing a defensive handgun. 
  • Handgun Manipulation.
  • Plausibility Principal.
  • Skill Development Cycle.  
  • Defensive Shooting Fundamentals and how they apply to the handgun.
  • Various shooting drills and techniques to help make the shooter more Efficient vs Effective.
  • Using the Body’s Natural Reaction during a critical incident, we’ll be using the handgun in the context of a potential lethal threat at a two arms length or beyond. 
  • Combat Accuracy vs Target Shooting.
  • Realistic Multiple Target Engagement.
  • End of course debrief.


What You Will Need
  • Bring your defensive firearm or one can be rented $25
  • You will need at least two magazines
  • 150 rounds of ammunition
  • Eye and Electronic Ear Protection if you have it, If not it will be provided
  • Fluids to keep you hydrated
  • A Positive Learning Attitude
  • You’re Range Fee of $10 
What we Provide
  • Great Instruction and Information 
  • Safe Live Fire Range Drills 
  • Electronic Hearing Protection (If you do not have it)
  • Eye Protection (If you do not have it)
  • Targets

Thank you so much for everything that you have taught me the past two days! I’ve definitely learned a lot and I’m looking forward to taking more classes with you soon. You guys are great role models and I look up to both of you. Thank you again!!!!

Shannon Jagusch

Every course I’ve taken has helped me to be more comfortable using my guns. Maggie & Ken have an amazing ability to evaluate a person & help them to properly correct their skills.

Mimi Peckham

I had an amazing time. I learned so much and instructors were great and knowledgable. At the end of the day I felt comfortable in handling my hand gun. Thank you for giving me that confidence and I’ll be seeing you real soon for more training.

Debra Anguiano