This course is for the new to experienced shooter who is interested in learning specifically about the strategies and tactics involved when using a handgun to protect yourself and loved ones in a home defense environment.

Fundamentals of Home Defense, Powered by CFS, is designed to educate the student about the handguns that are best for home defense, the difference between storing and staging a handgun, and how to use them efficiently in a home defense scenario.

This comprehensive course starts in the classroom and quickly moves to the live fire range where students will be introduced to the fundamentals of defensive shooting. Students will learn about various firearms types and the distinct advantages that some have over others regarding defensive use. They will be introduced to the most important shooting skills and will be able to develop their competency in the context of a “home defense” shooting situation.

Special Feature: Reality Based Training Final Simulation

The course finishes with a Home Defense Simulation on a live fire range.  Here the student will be able to apply all the skills that have been taught throughout the day and receive an honest evaluation from a Certified Defensive Firearms Coach to plan for future practice and training.

Tuition $150

Class Size: Maximum of 12 students

It is not mandatory, we do recommend the Indroduction to Defensive Handgun course prior to taking this class.

This course is about 7 hrs in length. Please allow an hour for lunch.

What You Will Need
  • Defensive handgun (We recommend a full to medium size gun)
  • At least 2 magazines
  • Minimum 200 rounds of ammunition
  • Eye Protection
  • Electronic Hearing Protection if you have it

I would strongly recommend to anyone looking to improve there skills are its your first time as a gun owner to take this class with them. Yes there is plenty of places you can go but I just attended their 300 class and there is a reason that they have been in business this long. They are simply the best. If you want to be taught by caring people than this is the place. Gun ownership is a big responsibility and you need to learn the right way to handle a firearm and they spend the time to give this all to you. Don’t waste your time are money BUT the most important is taking an innocent persons life or your own by being trained by unquified trainers. When your life depends on it get trained by the best!!!!

Kenneth Seal

Ken & Maggie are wonderful instructors! I love their teaching techniques they take their time with each and every student. I have learned so much and gained much knowledge when handling my firearm. I highly recommend taking classes from Ken and Maggie they are the only instructors I will use for my firearm education, that goes for me and my family. Thank you Ken and Maggie for doing what you do and sharing it with us!

Anita Jaramillo