Fundamentals of Conceal Carry  is for the new to experienced shooter who is interested in learning specifically about the strategies and tactics involved when using a handgun to protect you and loved ones in a Public Environment. This is not a course to achieve the conceal carry weapons permit. As part of your Conceal Carry System, This training is specifically for learning and developing realistic defensive techniques while carrying a firearm in public for self defense. 

This course is designed to educate the student about the handguns best suited for personal defense, how to carry them safely and securely and how to deploy and use them efficiently in the context of a Dynamic Critical Incident. It offers a skill development evolution to the basic CCW Permit class, or those interested in carrying concealed, on how to use a firearm in the worst case scenario.  

This course begins in the classroom and quickly moves to the live fire range where students are introduced to the fundamentals of defensive shooting, with a focus on developing their skills in the context of a “Concealed Carry” shooting situation.  

The course finishes with a Concealed Carry Simulation on a live fire range.  Here the student will be able to put together everything that has been taught throughout the day and receive an honest evaluation from a Certified Defensive Firearms Coach to plan for future practice and training. 


Class Size: Maximum of 12 students

It is not mandatory, we do recommend the Indroduction to Defensive Handgun course prior to taking this class.

This course is about 8 hrs in length. Please allow an hour for lunch.

What You Will Need

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