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1. Our Philosophy

We strongly believe in the philosophy “in order to be great instructors, we must be great students”. In order to improve our own skills, we devote over 100 hours each year to our own training and professional development. Very few other instructors can make these claims. You have our personal guarantee that we will never teach you any skill we are not qualified to teach or that we cannot demonstrate to you on demand. That is our ‘no compromise’ guarantee to you.

2. Students Trained With A Safety 1st Approach

Our commitment is for every student to walk away from our training with the appropriate learned responses and information to keep them safe. We don’t have a “one size fits all” attitude and will work with the current skill set that each student brings and work on their development from there. At the end of each of our courses, we conduct a debriefing to evaluate where every student is with their training to give recommendations and affirmations to finish off the lessons with a clear direction.

3. We Provide A Safe, Encouraging Environment

Our focus as the Owners and Directors of Training at Homeland Personal Protection is to provide a safe, encouraging environment that will allow students to learn effective marksmanship and defensive shooting skills whether they are a beginner or an advanced shooter.
Our professional and unique training techniques of “Total Participation Instruction” and “Working with the body’s natural reaction to a critical incident”. We provide our students with a strong foundation that will allow them to build efficient firearms skills, process information quickly, and understand the legal issues surrounding the use of deadly force with critical training that could potentially save their life or the life of a loved one.

4. Commitment To Safe & Effective Training

As instructors, we have the highest commitment to safe and effective training in a full range of firearms disciplines. We have the combined firearms experience of over 25 years with pistols, rifles, & shotguns. In addition to firearms, we teach non-firearm related safety techniques for those who are in an environment that does not allow firearms on property.

5. Code of the Professional Defensive Shooting Instructors
  1. I am committed to the safety of my students, and hold that the expected benefit of any training activity must significantly outweigh any known or perceived risk of that activity.
  2. I believe that it is my responsibility to understand not just what I’m teaching, but WHY I’m teaching any technique or concept, or offering specific advice.
  3. I recognize that defensive shooting skills, along with the drills and gear used, are inherently specialized and usually distinct from those of target shooting, competition and hunting endeavors.
  4. I will encourage my students to ask questions about course material, and I will answer them with thorough and objective explanations.
  5. I understand that Integrity and Professionalism are subjective traits and I strive to maintain high levels of both. I am capable of, and willing to, articulate the reasons for the way I conduct my courses and how I interact with students & peers.
  6. I believe that it is valuable to engage my peers in constructive conversation about differences in technique and concept, with the goal of mutual education and evolution.
  7. I believe that the best instructor is an avid student, and I will strive to continually upgrade my own skills and knowledge. As part of this belief, I understand that my own teachings need to be subject to critique and open to evolution.

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We're Also Available For

Corporate Events

From competitive team building to leisure shooting, from pistols to rifles & shotguns, our corporate events have your business covered. We can provide a great way for your employees to enjoy a great shooting experience. Let’s blow something up!

Group Rates

If you are interested in gathering family, friends and co-workers to take any one of our firearm training courses together, we offer a group rate so all can enjoy great training at a discounted group rate. Call to inquire.

Private Instruction

We understand that some people learn more effectively in a private setting in a one-on-one Firearm Training environment. Please inquire about our hourly Private Instruction. rate.


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